January Bin End Sale

To call December a ‘busy’ month for the wine trade is a bit like calling the Shard ‘tall and pointy’ or the North Sea ‘a bit chilly’.  That’s to say, heroic understatement – but a fantastic thing – and you helped make it that way. We’d like to thank all of our customers who came to see us in store, or shop with us online. Whether a glass (or two) of Prosecco with friends at the bells, an ethereal Pinot Noir with your Turkey or an indulgent Port with your cheeseboard, I really hope you enjoyed some delicious wines with your family and friends.


So, if after the festival bacchanalia your stocks are looking a little depleted, this is the perfect time to re-supply your cellars, wine racks and cupboards. For those of us choosing to have a slightly lighter January – or even considering posting updates on twitter about the gym – then ideal: stock up now while you’re imbibing less.

Better reason than that, though, is our Bin-End Sale. We’re getting our spring-cleaning in a little early – and if supermarkets can sell Easter Eggs already, then why not?

We’ve picked out some wines and we’re offering up to 40% off on many of the bin-end lines. These are brilliant wines we’re clearing – some for a new vintage, some to make way for entirely new wines; there are some stunning bargains to be found.


The full range of bin-ends won’t be available in every store, so the best way to explore these deals is to visit your local Majestic and browse for yourself. You can also browse online – to do this, make sure you select your browsing store using your delivery postcode – check it out here.

2 thoughts on “January Bin End Sale

  1. I have around five Majestics that I’m prepared to visit for a nice wine bargain. But it’s not clear ( to me at least) how I browse the different stores for their particular bin end offerings.

    Just tried to check out St Albans, but I think (emphasis on think) that I’m still seeing WGC (because it’s nearer to my post code). It seems to be exactly the same wines being returned and still says WGC at the top of the page.

    Is this some sort of Machiavellian plan to keep customers in set locations?

    1. You can override this easily enough if you plan on visiting a store other than your local store – simply click on the name of the store you’re browsing the range in (top middle of the page where it says ‘browsing the range in’ and select ‘find a local store for collection’. When you enter your postcode you’ll see some stores appear, just click ‘select this store’ to change to that store’s range.

      Alternatively, if the store you want isn’t shown in that list, you can enter a postcode or town/city name near that store and it should appear for you to select.

      If you’re having any trouble with this you can give our online helpdesk a call on 0345 605 6767.

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