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Majestic Tastings
From all the tastings Majestic stores do in their local area, I chose Laura and Rachel from Stourbridge who held a tasting for 17 members of Kidderminster Medical Group. Nice picture!

The Majestic Blog, Grape to Glass recipe match

Have you tried the February recipes from delicious. magazine with the perfect Majestic wine pairings? New recipes released every Tuesday, it’s Bottoms up Tuesday!

‘6 Steps to The Perfect Dinner Party’ by Emma in Camberley
…and so we come to the final chapter. The belts have been opened a notch, the laughter getting noticably louder and the stories you’ve heard a hundred times are coming out.

‘The Six Nations: the pride, the passion…and a glass of wine?’ Wine pairings with a twist,  by Jack in Worcester
There’s few things that I look forward to more in a year than the start of February. Yes, it’s cold, it’s dark and it’s usually raining but…

Twitter @majesticclith
1st day of the month means it’s time to turn the page on our @sirCliffRichard calendar. What do we have here….. Sir Cliff as an astronaut!

‘If you like me… you’ll love me’, broaden the wine horizon with Team Greenwich
If you like the Rioja Berberana Vina Alarde, Reserva then you’ll love the Rioja Muga Reserva…

 ‘Grape to grid – Winning F1ne Wines’, sport and wine pairings, by Jonathan in Maidenhead
…sorry buddy, you’re a good egg but when you’ve been given great Red Bull grapes and you finish 134 points behind your team mate you know something is going wrong in the Vinification process.

New Stores
Following extensive re-fits, our Gidea Park and Causewayside stores re-opened last week. They are fantastic new stores, with air-conditioning and a dedicated Fine Wine unit.

Trending Twitter Hashtag Majestic
Northampton have started the #3wordwinereview

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