Kippers and Pampers with a hint of Irony

Majestic win 2 Retail Week AwardsAll Majestic stores offer The Wine Course, a relaxed 2 hour introduction and tasting session. We were ecstatic to be awarded Customer Service Initiative of the Year for The Wine Course at the Retail Week Awards earlier this year. We’ve also been nominated for a multi-channel integration award for our store page initative. The store pages were designed to bring our stores and website closer together. It also offers our customers the chance to build a rapport with their local store, this is particularly significant for customers who only order online and thus do not visit the store and the team, or for customers who may shop once or twice a year. The opportunity to stay involved with your local Majestic team and see what is going on really helps build a valuable relationship.

Leeds store pageMany of our stores are hosting summer tastings so the store page is the perfect place to see if yours is taking part. Equally all of our staff are very passionate and knowledgeable about wine and post many an interesting article, travel tale or recipe for you to enjoy. Take for example the following post from Majestic Leeds’ store page where they have used their news feed to advertise spaces on The Wine Course…

By Jamie Suggitt, Manager, Majestic Leeds Central

“For two years now we’ve been running wine courses here in store to give customers a basic grounding in wine. They’re great fun for both me to present and the people round the table. What amuses me sometimes is when customers give me a tasting note or description of a wine that is slightly unusual.

ChablisTasting of wine is such a subjective thing that if you tell me a wine reminds you of something no one can tell you you’re wrong. Some of my favourite examples are kippers to describe a Chablis and babies nappies (it was not disclosed whether they were full or not) for a Shiraz. It is nearly always the aromas that provoke these reactions as smell is more closely linked to your memory than any of your other senses.

This might explain why those wine critics of the eighties were slightly over the top in their descriptions of wines (like running bare foot through a meadow eating buttered toast….) though this is something I have been guilty of myself.

Confession time:

There’s something about Bordeaux reds that reminds me of being at school in the classroom. Not because we drank a lot of wine at school (alas) but there’s a graphite edge mixed with the cedar box woodiness that reminds me of rummaging through my pencil case and the pencil shavings at the bottom. A good example of this, and a wine we use on The Wine Course, is Château Caronne Ste-Gemme 2006 Haut-Médoc.

I am also reminded of the description given of an Aussie Shiraz at a tasting I attended a few years ago… “the tannins are like someone creeps into your mouth with a velvet bag full of raspberries and beats you about the tonsils.” All very good but for those who are looking for a hint of Pampers in their Shiraz they might have to keep on looking as I am afraid I’m at a loss with that one!

The Wine Course dates are advertised on our Events section on our web page, hope to see you there soon.”

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