La Motte empowerment

By Karen Higginson, Manager, Majestic Wine Cheltenham

La-Motte-logoIt is no secret, if you come into the store and ask me, that I’m a big fan of La Motte’s wines.  In particular the Shiraz and this is a wine you’ll find in my wine rack at home most of the year round!  The wines, I find, are consistently good and also great value for money on the current South African promotion. Add to this the awards the wines win – be it the prestigious International Wine Challenge medals or more regional competitions, do you really need any more reasons not to love them?!

Well, in case you do…A little known fact about La Motte winery is that they are proud members of the WIETA.  Whilst this may just look like a lot of letters…it actually means they support ethical trade in the South African wine and agriculture industry and those letters stand for Wine Industry Ethical Trading Association.

La-Motte-wineryWhat this equates to is the empowerment of the workforce and this can take various forms, from helping them create sustainable businesses, building schools or building houses that the workers will then own.  Being accredited to the WIETA is not an easy thing to achieve as there are very strict codes of practice to follow and audits to boot.

La Motte also practice organic viticulture in selected vineyard blocks and have won yet more awards locally for the environmentally friendly approach they take.

If you haven’t had these wines before then why not experiment and try some. On the current South African promotion you can mix and match any two or more wines and get the discounted rate (20% off South African wines until 2nd May 2011), not forgetting that you only have to buy 6 bottles in store or 12 online.

As biased as I am, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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