Cook Eat Run: Cooking class at L’atelier des Chefs in St Paul’s

I love eating out. I also love cooking, but not so much the washing up. Monday evening was the best of both worlds, a ‘Cook, Eat, Run’ 30 minute cooking class at the trendy new cookery school L’atelier des Chefs in St Paul’s.

Five of us from Majestic went along to cook up a Thai Chilli Beef Salad. Greeted by Rebecca in the open plan shop we had a glass of wine whilst the chefs in the glass walled kitchen prepared for us to start cooking.

On with the aprons! India, Francesca, Mark and Beth.

We gathered around the work stations chopping up different parts of the meal with Chef explaining little tips and tricks along the way. I started cutting the chilli but was told off for not tasting it first to see how hot it was! Apparently the heat comes from the white pithy flesh of the chilli, not the seeds. Common misconception. So I was peer pressured into tasting a bit… it was hot. So off came the white pithy bits with the back of the knife.

While the others started cooking the steaks, Mark, Beth and I were assigned to cooking the rice noodles in hot peanut oil. Mark burnt the noodles more often than not and mine didn’t seem to want cook. We managed scramble together just enough for everybody, not without Mark managing to flick hot oil on India and Francesca. Look at the glare!

The salad was made up of pak choi, red peppers. On with the seasoning!

The beef was sliced and mixed with the Thai salsa which was blended and fried together: shrimp paste, a fancy type of ginger, chilli, peanut oil, shallots, garlic, and Thai basil. Really good!

Rather than chucking it all together on a plate, we carefully built up a mini stack of the food piece by piece, et voila!

After the 30 minutes of cooking and preparing we sat down in the shop and enjoyed our hard work with some more wine. Perfect. Good team work, good fun and all in 30 minutes.

Francesca took the most care over her construction…

We were treated to a chocolate and cherry brownie for desert too. Soft and rich all the way through. Yum.

More information about the cooking classes at L’atelier des Chefs can be found on their website here. They do a whole range of classes from macaroons to burgers. Great fun with a group of friends or colleagues, and it would make a good Christmas present. Oh, and the full recipe is here too… I’m sure I missed out a few key ingredients.

Many thanks to Rebecca and our patient Chef for a top evening!

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