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For my sins, I’ve been involved with Majestic’s website since the day it went live in April 2000. We’ve come a loooooong way since then, with a website that’s been through many different incarnations, and that has now grown into a fundamental part of what makes Majestic tick.

The thing about the web is it’s constantly changing and evolving in ways that would have seemed unimaginable just a year or two previously. I was reminded of this last week when Twitter celebrated its fifth anniversary. The stats are unbelievable:

Twitter users now send more than 140 million Tweets a day which adds up to a billion Tweets every 8 days—by comparison, it took 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day to reach the first billion Tweets. While it took about 18 months to sign up the first 500,000 accounts, we now see close to 500,000 accounts created every day.

Sadly, majestic.co.uk can’t boast quite such figures – I’d be writing this from my own Caribbean island if it did. But in our own way, we do have a phenomenon that is showing a similar snowball effect. I’m referring to the enhancements we made to our local store pages back in November, allowing staff in all of our 164 stores to post news, details of events, and other items of interest to their customers. In many ways it’s one of the biggest team efforts Majestic has ever delivered – not just the 7 of us in the Ecommerce team or our lovely web designers, but hundreds of staff members up and down the country.

It started slowly; we’re pretty busy in November and December, so it’s unsurprising and quite appropriate that our hard-working store teams concentrated on keeping their stores ship-shape, getting deliveries out and offering the best customer service in-store they possibly could at Christmas. But since the turn of the year we’ve seen a continuous ramping up of activity on store pages, and I’m absolutely thrilled at the results.

We’ve supplied some very simple publishing tools, so that store teams can publicise their local tasting events, introduce team members, and post news on what’s happening locally. There’s even an up-to-date feed of what’s on the tasting counter, so now you can check for any interesting new wines you’ve not tried before leaving work and plan a quick detour to Majestic on the way home.

As tends to be the way with Majestic staff, they’ve not only picked up the ball; they’ve run with it. In fact, at the moment they’re doing a pretty fair imitation of Jonah Lomu in his pomp, and have in a few short months begun to find things to publish that I never imagined they would. A few examples – and I stress that these are essentially random selections:

  • You simply are going to want to cook Amanda in Bromley‘s pigeon with black pudding recipe.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to be a contestant on Blind Date, and you’re a fan of Spanish wine, then Majestic Macclesfield are with you 100%.
  • Danielle in Brighton is one of many, many staff to rave about our new Pétalos Bierzo.
  • If you thought New Zealand was all about Sauvignon Blanc then Vicky in Wilmslow would be happy to persuade you otherwise.

So what does this mean for you? Well, with stores from Totnes to Inverness, the chances are there’s a Majestic in your area, and even if you’re a die-hard web shopper these are the same people who call you to arrange your deliveries, so why not check out your local Majestic store’s page now?

As for keeping up-to-date, each store’s page includes a link to an RSS feed of their updates. Alternatively , if you’re thinking about me referring to Twitter earlier and thinking “wouldn’t it be great if Majestic had given every single one of their stores a Twitter account?”, well then you’re in luck – that’s exactly what we’ve done.

(I realise that it is 1 April. The contents of this post are entirely serious, and devoid of foolery.)

1 thought on “Local pages for local people

  1. 7 people in E-Commerce?!! My how you’ve grown.

    Must say the local pages are inspired, what a fantastic way to keep up to date with your local team but in the modern world, must be a logisitical nightmare to make this work though.

    Well done it’s all well…..very covetable! 😉

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