Loire Bitesize Introduction

LucyLucy, Assistant Manager at Majestic Gloucester breaks up Loire into bitesize chunks

The Loire Valley is located to the West of France.

The River Loire is the longest River in France and the changing climates and winemaking techniques along the differing sub-regions make for a great variety of styles.

There are 4 main sub-regions and grape varieties – going from the coast to inland:



Melon de Bourgogne, produces lovely dry crisp Muscadets


Chenin Blanc producing fruity and honeyed whites, from off-dry styles to the great lushious desert wines. Also produces sparkling wine using the Champagne method.


Chenin Blanc produces rich, sweet Vouvrays. Sauvignon Blanc, producing dry whites. Gamay used to make fruity roses. Cabernet Franc, especially found in Chinon and Bourgeil produces dark purple, strawberry and raspberry flavoured wines, which are best drunk slightly chilled.

Central Vineyards

Loire River

Sauvignon Blanc, producing dry whites with a mineral edge, the most famous appelations being Sancerre and Pouilly Fume.

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