Majestic Announce New Logo Following Staff Vote

Majestic, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, are beginning the process of rolling out a new logo – following the results of a staff vote which chose the brand’s latest design by a winning margin of almost 75%.

The new Majestic logo!

The new roundall has been designed for Majestic to be in keeping with their historic logo – but with bolder, defined colouring for digital platforms. The result was also confirmed by the public through a series of social media votes and customer focus groups. 

The revamped grapes design will replace the wine glass motif across Majestic’s online channels, including on a new website which will launch in mid-October. The change in look will also mean a number of stores will need to be returned to original branding before a full roll.

The history of the Majestic logo

The first ever logo was based on a stamp, as our founder was an avid collector!

This was the first log on a number of the first Majestic stores, as well as in our first direct mail campaigns throughout the eighties (when you could buy a bottle of French fizz for £2.55… Oh those were the days!)

An original design from the 1980s

Going into the nineties, we moved towards our much more recognisable grape and typeface. This would adorn every store from branch 20 to 220… And is generally what most people recognise as the ‘Majestic’ logo. 

Here Lucy Wise a Majestic customer, and thirty years ago a junior designer, describes how she created our original logo:

“It was my first EVER design project after graduating, working for the design practice Joint Force. I was nervous, but absolutely thrilled to be doing it.

During the first design briefing I doodled the bunch of grapes, the then MD loved it and that doodle stuck. I enlarged the doodle on a photocopier until it started to distress, then did the same with the typeface to create the unique marque. I loved that there was so much handcrafting involved, it echoed the wine process.

I look forward to seeing the new branding and continued success of Majestic over the next thirty years – so thrilled my logo and branding lasted so long!” 

Majestic’s logo for much of the retailer’s history.

There were issues with our roundall logo however. Circular logos are don’t work well online, and the cramped text and dark background didn’t particularly make us stand-out.

So as we entered the digital age of the new century, a hybrid was brought in… 

In more recent times, under the previous owners, that journey was taken even further. The move to pink and the glass has been part of a very gradual rebrand, which has hat a handful of stores, our digital presence and uniforms. 

Now however, a new version of the grapes is to take the glasses’ place following the staff vote.

Speaking after the vote, Majestic’s CEO John Colley said

“I am delighted to finally be able to rubber stamp our new logo, and begin the process of rolling it out to our stores, new websites, vans, chiller bins – and everything in between! I’d really like to thank everyone who took part in this exercise to make sure we get it right for our colleagues and customers.”

For me, a rebrand should be part of an evolution – not revolution. We were perhaps guilty of moving too fast and too far away from what our customers recognised and loved about our old look. I’m particularly excited to see the new logo on our two new stores in Henley and Beckenham opening later this year. It’s an exciting new identity as we develop our next chapter!”

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