Majestic Ask Staff To Vote On New Logo

Majestic Wine have asked their staff to cast their vote to decide on the company’s next definitive logo, after a series of aborted rebranding projects under the previous management. 

Following extensive customer research and feedback on the brand, the business is reverting back to the traditional “bunch of grapes grape” logo, which was used as the company’s identity between 1991 to 2018. In addition, two updated versions of the design are being put to Majestic’s 1,200 colleagues for final consideration.

The winning design will be featured on the retailer’s new website this Autumn, as well as being used on the two new Majestic stores set to open in November this year (in Henley and Beckenham respectively) before further roll out. 

Although around 75% of their stores still feature the traditional version of the grape, over the last couple of years this business has been moving to a ‘glass’ logo – as seen on the current Majestic website and on a small number of rebranded stores. However, customer focus groups conducted by Majestic described the new icon as “irrelevant” and “not reminiscent of the Majestic we love”. 

The two new designs have been created to encompass Majestic’s heritage, whilst being less crowded and therefore cleaner for digital applications.

“The Majestic brand is known and loved by over a million customers in the UK, but our branding and imagery has become confused over recent years” explains CEO, John Colley.

“We’d stopped listening to what our customers and colleagues wanted to see. Moving back to our grape logo is an evolution, rather than a revolution. Both options have the anchor of our history, but with a modern setting. It’s still recognisably Majestic and, crucially, has the feedback of those who matter most at its heart. We’re not going to be able to rebrand the entire business overnight in the current climate, but this is setting out where want to get to – and we can get our new branding live on some exciting new developments such as the website and new stores”

Asked which way he would vote, Colley added:

“I’ve got a favourite, but we’ll wait and see if our colleagues agree! Ultimately, it’s what they think is best which matters most”. 

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