‘Majestic At Home’ Video Tastings Launched

Whilst the doors of Majestic shops remain closed to members of the public in the face of COVID-19, the company has rolled out a series of video tastings from store staff to enable customers to ‘receive wine expertise, from phones to homes’.

The ‘Majestic At Home’ videos are short tasting notes recorded by individual store staff on their smartphones, either from locked-down Majestic warehouses or staff members’ own homes. Majestic explained that, whilst customers were generally pleased still to be receiving their wines via home delivery, they were missing the opportunity to speak to their local store teams and learn more about the bottles they were enjoying. Majestic staff have therefore come up with a virtual solution.

Each video is less than two minutes long, featuring a quick bit of information around a specific wine and finishing with a tasting note. Majestic will be using their 1,000+ members of staff nationwide to deliver the videos.

“One of the key reasons our customers love Majestic is our expert staff” explains Jack Merrylees, Head of Comms & PR “When people talk about our shops, they talk about ‘their’ local team. It’s a really personal relationship, backed up by some incredible wine knowledge across our 200 or so branches. We’ve always been proud of the product training we offer our colleagues, and that shared experience customers get when they visit our Tasting Counters, so we we’re incredibly keen to find a way to bring that experience and expertise to our customers, even in lockdown. ”

As one of Europe’s biggest wine educators, Majestic has put over 3,000 colleagues through their WSET qualifications over the last two decades. Moving into a new chapter, the company is keen to retain that focus on training and development.

“We’re really proud of the levels of expertise we have across the business. Colleagues in stores are all given the option to take WSET levels Two and Three, and we have a number of diploma students every year – plus our first ever Master of Wine, Beth Pearce.

Even in the face of coronavirus, training remains a key focus for us. Our Learning and Development team is working hard to produce video resources and at home study around the new products coming in. And of course it’s great that we have now found a way for that information to filter out further, to our customers in lockdown through Majestic At Home”, added Merrylees. 

The Majestic At Home videos are published through Majestic’s social media accounts. Initially the tastings will focused on the retailer’s Definition range.

However, with Majestic’s range reviews in full swing, and more new wines arrive day by day in stores, the business will be using the Majestic At Home tastings to showcase the new wines hitting their shelves this Spring and beyond.

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