Majestic Calais Declares ‘Business As Usual’ Following Brexit

Fans of the ‘booze cruise’ can breathe a heavy sigh of relief, as Majestic Wine’s French outlets today declared that they were seeing no changes to trading post January 31st.

British wine lovers have been crossing the channel for decades to take advantage of generous pricing on the continent. Bottles purchased in the Majestic stores in France, for instance, are at least £4 cheaper than their UK equivalent – and start from just £1.99.

Purchases are still limited to ‘personal consumption’ levels, and travel costs will still be covered by Majestic France when a preorder of a certain value was made. These are exactly the same conditions as pre-January 31st. 

Majestic reiterated that it did not expect to see any changes to the arrangement for 2020 and encouraged customers to continue to make the trip. 

“Shopping in Calais is a very different experience to anything in the UK” explains Keith Blessley, Retail Director at Majestic. “It’s fun, whether you take the tunnel or the ferry, it feels like a voyage of discovery. We open up more bottles in a week than many of our UK colleagues open in months over the Channel – so there’s always plenty to taste and explore too. And, of course, you come away with some absolute bargains. ” 

The booze-cruise become incredibly popular in the nineties, when it was common to see lots of cars, motor-homes and caravans making the trip to Calais. Majestic believe that there’s more to the journey than cheap prices, however, and that a new generation of ‘cruisers’ are finding that filling your boot can also be part of a wider experience.

“If you’re thinking of making the trip, now is a really good time. We’ve seen no changes to trading since January, and spring is when Calais really comes to life. We see a lot of young couples making it part of their wedding prep, touring parties stopping off on their way back from the Med or even customers from as far away as the Scottish Highlands coming for a wine-based adventure. Fill your wine rack, prepare for the summer party season, visit the coastline and get a little taste of France. All whilst saving a packet!”

Find out more at Majestic Wine Calais.

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