Majestic Jump On The Rum-Wagon With New Listings

Read on for the low down on the new rum trend about to hit the UK – plus some exiting new listings hitting the Majestic range this Winter!

First gin, next rum? As spirit hunters search for the next big thing, retailers and start ups are certainly turning their attention to the category – it increasingly feels like it could well be the next big thing. Now Majestic is also expanding its range – with new listings from English drinks producer Rockstar Spirits. 

The drinks retailer, which is currently reviewing its beers and spirits range, is putting rum centre-stage with three new listings from the Manchester-based producer.

Rockstar is the team behind the Pineapple Rum which caught the eye on national TV earlier this year. Buyer James Reed is hoping the bottle which knocked Holly Willoughby’s socks off on ITV’s This Morning (sending her ‘giddy’ and breaking the internet in the process) can inspire more customers to give rum a go.

Reed, though, believes it’s not just celebrity appeal which is behind rum’s celebrity appeal. Instead, it’s building on the success of gin’s rise with an emphasis on innovation, ingredients and tapping into new drinking habits.

“Customers want a spirit they can connect with – not just with a mixer, but over a prolonged period of time. That includes a compelling story, an ingredients list and a seriousness and depth of flavour. The innovations in flavouring are really helping to broaden the category too. It’s a really exciting time for rum-fun” explained James Reed. 

Thomas Hurst, founder of Rockstar Spirits, says 

”My dream was to create the perfect range of premium spiced rums, and the starting point has to be a super high-quality spirit.    The spirit for Rockstar Rums is imported from Diamond Distillery in Guyana. Diamond Distillery is one of the greatest distilleries in the Caribbean with a rich history of rum production dating back to the 1650s. Once the super-premium spirit arrives in the UK, I infuse with my innovative flavour combinations.  I fully expect an explosion of new styles and flavours, similar to the gin craze, over the next few years and can’t wait to be a part of it.”

Rums to try:

Grapefruit Grenade Overproof Spiced Rum 65%

Grapefruit Grenade is a super-premium small-batch Overproof Spiced rum, 65% abv. Premium rum from Guyana is lightly infused with a secret spice blend alongside the hero flavours of Pink grapefruit and honeycomb. This incredibly smooth and richly flavoured rum delivers a burst of bittersweet grapefruit tempered by rich honeycomb sweetness, with hints of cinnamon and ginger.  Grapefruit Grenade is an extremely versatile cocktail spirit and works well with simple mixer serves, such as Cola or Fruit Sodas, in rum based classics or simply on its own over ice to sip and enjoy. As its Grapefruit rum we love mixing with Ting Grapefruit Soda from Jamaica.

Capt Webb’s Two Swallows Spiced Rum 38%

Naval Captain Matthew Webb was the first man to swim the English Channel and became a global superstar in the Victorian era.  Captain Webb died in 1883 when trying to swim the whirlpool rapids at Niagara Falls. Traditionally a sailor’s tattoo consisting of Two Swallows is thought to carry their soul to heaven if they drown. Tom chose the name in celebration of his famous ancestor’s legacy.  Two Swallows botanicals and spicing is perfectly matched with traditional Cola recipes to create a truly world class Rum & Coke.  

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