Majestic Launches First 0% Alcohol Range For Dry January-Drinkers

With Dry January once again in full swing, and dominating consumer pages, websites and marketing – it seems the trend towards drinking less is only gaining more momentum. In response, Majestic Wine have launched a new range of zero percent alcohol wines for the first time in their 40 year history. 

According to Google, searches for “low alcohol wine” have been rising dramatically in recent years – up over 120% in a three-year period. Both in store and online, customer demand for good-value, zero or low-alcohol options is growing too. 

Driven by awareness raising months, like Dry January and Stoptober, having a break from alcohol is increasingly common, whilst some are choosing to go sober permanently. A 2018 study found that there was an 18% increase in teetotal 16-24 year olds between 2005 and 2015 for instance. 

Whether for health or lifestyle reasons, the movement towards low and no booze seems to show little sign of slowing down right across Europe. 

However, concerns still remain around the quality and taste of low or no-alcohol variants. Whilst technology, such as reverse osmosis or spinning cones, has been making giant strides in the winery over recent years – do the results stand up to scrutiny?

Majestic has now decided to take the plunge, with a range of wines at the 0% mark from producers Sangre de Toro and LEH. 

According to the company’s buying team, the issue has not been with a desire to introduce a range, but rather with making sure the quality stacked up. They believe the new listings from Spain and Germany provide the answer – fulfilling both your health kick needs without disappointing your tastebuds. 

Buyer Beth Pearce said:

“We want to make sure that consumers will find a bottle they’ll enjoy in Majestic, from the full spectrum of wine styles and strengths. That means wines which earn their places on our shelves – by being tasty. Catering for the growing number of people who want to have a break from alcohol, or refrain altogether, was hugely important for us. I’m pleased that with the new additions we do just that, and it’s a testament to the increasing quality of the low and no sector that we haven’t compromised on flavour.” 

Wines to try

Sangre de Toro 0.0% Rosé

We have made Sangre de Toro since the 1954 vintage, and a few years ago we introduced this alcohol-free version. After completing fermentation and skin contact, only the alcohol is removed from this Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon blend, thus preserving its full flavour and aroma.

Sangre de Toro 0.0% Red

A legendary wine, with more than half a century to its name, made from Spanish vineyards specifically selected by our winemakers. Made from Garnacha and Syrah.

LEH Cabernet Sauvignon ABV 0%

In classic Cabernet character, this alcohol-free LEH release is brimming with rich, dark cherry flavours. Ripples of cassis and cocoa emerge through the palate for a complex, food-loving treat.

Sangre de Toro 0.0% White

Our iconic Sangre de Toro has stayed true to its incomparable personality since the firstvintage in 1954. After fermentation, only the alcohol is removed from this 100% Muscat of Alexandria, thus preserving its full aroma and flavor.

LEH Riesling ABV 0%

Expect a fresh, fruity palate of citrus, lime zest and ripe apple with a zippy mineral current throughout. Partner with goats cheese tartlets or lightly-spiced aromatic dishes for a deliciously satisfying pair.

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