Majestic Offer Year’s Supply Of Wine To Help Find New Store Locations

Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist retailer, is offering customers a year’s supply of wine if they help them to find new sites for future stores as part of a renewed commitment to bricks and mortar retail.

Following recent store openings in Beaconsfield, Beckenham and Henley, Majestic is now eyeing up new locations for future stores – and is enlisting the Great British public to help find them. 

Although 88% of the UK’s population already live within 10 miles of one of Majestic’s 200 national stores, the retailer is keen to continue to improve their estate – with a shortlist of 37 locations, including 15 within the M25, identified for further expansion. 

Prospective store locations need to meet a number of criteria (including available parking, proximity to a main road and be within one of the listed 35 locations) to be considered. 

The full list of sites and requirements are on the PDF below, and above out T&Cs. If you believe you have found a potential site, please fill in the form at the bottom of this post – after reading through our Terms & Conditions.

Only applicants who fill in the below form will be able to claim their supply of wine. Please do not contact our agents or Property Team directly.


‘Years Supply of Wine’ awarded upon opening of Majestic store on location submitted by members of the public. The prize will be awarded upon the opening and successful trading of the new store. 

‘Years Supply of Wine’ to constitute monthly delivery of 6 bottles of wine, up to the value of £80 per delivery (at Single Bottle price).  Entrants must be 18 or over. This offer is non-refundable or exchangeable. 

This is not open to Majestic colleagues – for further information on how you can submit potential sites please contact your Regional or Area Manager. 

To submit a suggested new Majestic site, based on the above criteria and within one of our target areas, please fill in this form.

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