Majestic Team Up With Lucky Saint As Low Alcohol Beer Sales Surge

With more and more of us opting for low and no alcohol alternatives, award winning 0.5% Superior Unfiltered Lager Lucky Saint is now available at Majestic, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer.  Launching in August, the partnership marks a significant moment for the premium alcohol-free beer brand as consumer demand for no and low alcohol options continues to accelerate. Lucky Saint will be available to purchase in cases of 12, RRP £24. 

In January of this year Lucky Saint was the first independent alcohol-free lager to be served on draught, serving pints in over 50 pubs and restaurants across London. During lockdown Lucky Saint also became the second best-selling lager on Amazon.

Working closely with Majestic’s expert in-store staff, Lucky Saint founder Luke Boase will host a series of tasting and training sessions across six regions via Zoom. Luke will share the story of how he founded Lucky Saint – visiting six breweries in three countries and brewing over 60,000 litres of beer to find the perfect recipe – as well as taking staff through Lucky Saint’s unique brewing process and four key ingredients that give the beer it’s refreshing, citrus notes and biscuity malt flavour.

Founder Luke says: “Majestic is known and respected for the quality of its offering, so we’re very excited to be working with them and their highly knowledgeable staff. Launching into Majestic is a huge moment for us; the staff’s expertise and passion will be vital to delivering Lucky Saint’s story to customers across the UK.  With Sober October fast approaching there’s never been a better time to add a case of Lucky Saint to your Majestic order.”

Majestic’s Chief Commercial Officer, Robert Cooke, explains: “We’re delighted to have the Lucky Saint beers on board at this decisive time for the whole beer movement. There’s a real momentum we’re seeing from consumers to try low and no alcohol drinks, but first and foremost the quality has to be exceptional. With this new addition, we believe we’ve got it absolutely spot on. There’s a fantastic backstory, innovative brewing and a truly great taste. We can’t wait for our customers – and colleagues – to discover Lucky Saint on their local Majestic’s shelves. It’s a real eye opener for how good alcohol-free beer can be.”

The Majestic listing comes at a significant moment for Lucky Saint as well as the no and low category as a whole. Consumer interest in non-alcoholic drinks continues to grow, with lockdown accelerating demand. In March 2020, the no/low category saw growth of +33% year on year (Nielsen), with one third of the UK opting to moderate or quit alcohol during lockdown.

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