Brand New TV Adverts

Last night we made our television debut!

Over the Christmas period we are broadcasting two brand new adverts in the London area that explain what Majestic is all about to people who may not have been to one of our stores before.

We all know that wine can be a bit baffling and in the commercials we see how Majestic helps some anxious first time customers. Chardonnay is not a word to be afraid of, and the tasting counter is there for you to find your new favourite.



Tasting Counter


8 thoughts on “Brand New TV Adverts

  1. I recognise the actress in the taster commercial, does anyone know her name or what else she has been in?



      1. I forgot the tesco’s advert. Just checked and her name is Marilyn O’brien. Also a VoiceOver actress for such adverts as head and shoulders and the magnets advert in which they play cricket. I hope that helps.

  2. Is the guy in the new Chardonnay majestic advert, I guy we knew from panties. Steve someone. He was also the prince in a broadband advert!!!!!

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