Majestic’s 150th store!

It barely seems like 5 minutes since we celebrated our 100th store (Dorchester, in May 2002 as a matter of fact) and here’s yet another significant milestone in the growth of Majestic. Our 150th store is located on Leith Walk in central Edinburgh, and we had the honour of the Deputy Lord Provost, Councillor Rob Munn, opening the store at 10am yesterday morning.

Majestic Edinburgh Leith Walk

It’s a fantastic unit, with a specially designed area to hold tasting events and temperature-controlled fine wine storage as well as all the usual Majestic benefits: free parking, free tasting in-store every day, free local delivery, free glass and chiller bin loan, and of course award-winning customer service.

Opening a new store is exciting and challenging, so best of luck to Lawrence and his team!

1 thought on “Majestic’s 150th store!

  1. Good luck! If you are able to match the kindness, consideration and knowedgable assistance of your colleagues at the West Ealing branch, then you will be a real winner.

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