Manager’s Choice Riesling

Sometimes, even our brilliant wine Buyers get stuck.  A decision too tough to make alone: like three delicious wines, but only space in the range for one of them.

Such was the quandry faced by Suzie, Nick and Chris.  Each had a great French wine from their contacts, but we could only add one.  Discussions were had.  Meetings around tables.  E-mails and negotiations.  But still, there was stalemate.  Tempers were frayed.  Hair was pulled.  Teeth were gnashed and there was much wailing.  Unquiet befel us.

Then we had a flash of inspiration.  We turned to the people who know wine the best.  We turned to our Store Managers – surely they could act as the ultimate arbiter?  For who else knows the wines you’ll love?  Who else could we trust more?

We called a gathering.  From far and wide they travelled.  We would call it a Manager’s Conference, and we would pretend it was about important business things, but really, there was a secret purpose.  The truth was that we needed them to help us restore harmony and order among the Buyers.  To choose a wine for you.

They listened to the stories of these wines.  They peered into glasses filled with three very different liquids.  They swirled, releasing very different aromas.  They tasted, and judged them fairly.

And then they cast their votes.

In the end there could be only one. This was that one.  Chosen by our managers, especially for you.


Hunawihr Riesling Vielles Vignes, Alsace – Get it here

Taste: Ripe lime, lemon and honeysuckle florals leading to a zingy fresh burst of pear, green apple and peach.

Enjoy It With: Great seafood wine, particularly mackerel.

Dinner Party Nugget: Vielles Vignes translates literally as old vines.  As a vine gets older, it produces less, but the fruit has more concentrated flavour.  The balancing act for the vigneron is to decide when to replant and start the whole cycle again.

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