Marathon Madness 2… The Last Supper

Sarah from Majestic Yeovil updates us on the daunting task of pre Médoc Marathon training…

Château d'YquemLast weekend saw me enjoying my last few nights of freedom before the hard marathon training got underway. I went to visit friends for the weekend and en route decided to see how far a marathon actually was. I put my mileage counter to zero and off I went…It took me over 20 minutes and the 26 miles seemed to go on forever, needless to say I arrived at my friend’s house a little worried! In no time at all a bottle of wine had been opened and I was relaxed and the 26 miles forgotten.

De Telmont Grande Réserve Champagne NV Champagne  As it was a birthday celebration we visited the local garden gnome reserve where apparently the wine on offer was Blue Gnome, I steered clear of that and upon our return we popped the cork from a bottle of De Telmont Champagne. The champagne house was founded in 1912 and has been on Majestic’s list since 1984, and the almost maternal care which goes into the production of De Telmont’s cuvées still shines through. Its classic toasty notes and citrus fruits were a hit with everyone and it soon disappeared.

Fish, Chips & ChampagneMonday saw me again drinking Champagne, this time with my colleague Hannah and her mum who invited me over for our favourite food and wine match Fish & Chips and Champagne. We had another great bargain- the Jacquart Vintage L’oenotheque 2000. With plenty of age this champagne was a lovely golden colour and had a perfect blend of honey, baked apples and peach on the palate which was complimented by a rich toasty finish.

The rest of the week was a different story. It saw me joining the gym, (and actually working out in said gym). I also got a personal trainer called Micky who assured me it was possible to train for a marathon in just three months… as long as I train 5 times a week and watch what I eat. After a great session with him this morning I do believe him, although I fear his favourite thing may be to torture me with walking lunges which I can safely say are not fun.

Chalk Spring Vineyards Shiraz 2009 Limestone Coast  Again I shall leave you with a couple of wines that I would have been drinking this week if I wasn’t running a marathon:

Since the weather hasn’t been great maybe it’s time to revert back to a heavier red. I think the Chalk Springs Shiraz is fantastic value. It’s a great full bodied Shiraz from the Limestone Coast, with pure, ripe fruit and soft spicy notes. Resounding flavours of cassis and black cherry overlay the subtle vanilla and pepper notes, making it a perfect match with a nice juicy steak.

Santa Rita 120 Viognier 2010 Maipo Valley  If you are after something white, why not try the Santa Rita 120 Viognier. Lively and crisp, avoiding the big, oily texture of many a Viognier, and focusing instead on the flavours of apricot and pineapple, and delicate floral aromas. Soft in mouth feel, with a refreshing finish. Drink with Chinese-style chicken or prawn dishes, stir fries or sushi.

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  1. Hi Sarah. I’m one of the Majestic Medoc crew! Great blog! For reference, the best run I’ve ever had is after fish and chips, so it’s kind of good prep! Carbohydrates galore! Look forward to meeting you in September!

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