Mentioning no names

Several of our competitors set great store by offering unfeasibly large savings from cases of wine, often own-label, and in exchange for signing up for repeat purchases later on at full price.

We’ve always found this approach a little irritating. Unlike those competitors, which have little of no retail presence, our 150 or so stores ‘keep us honest’. After all we can’t claim the best price on a well-known wine if the customer can simply cross the road and buy it cheaper elsewhere.

Sour grapes? Perhaps, but not without reason, as an article in this weekends Guardian pointed out. Read it and draw your own conclusions.

1 thought on “Mentioning no names

  1. Equally irritating are those companies that slap an OTT regular price on, say, Champagne, and then offer a large discount if you buy two bottles or more, which brings the price down to the level at which you can buy it elsewhere. Mentioning no names, of course

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