Midweek Challenge

Majestic staff across the country are quizzed daily on food and wine matching. James at Majestic Stratford shares a few of his choices…

Mandrielle Sangiovese 2009 Banfi  Not a day goes by where I don’t get set the challenge by a customer to put together a case of everyday or midweek wines. The only stipulation tends to be that the wines need to be between six and eight pounds and quite food friendly. When trusted with this task I like to think about some of the classic midweek meals that are prepared up and down the country and then match my wine choices to them.

Italian food is relatively easy to cook and can be made quickly after a long day at the office. A lasagne or simple bowl of pasta with a tomato sauce or even a pizza are all great midweek options and with 20% off Italian wines this summer they provide such an easy match. For these I would recommend Mandrielle Sangiovese Banfi. This superb example of Sangiovese is more than a match to rich tomato sauces.

Rioja Reserva 2005 Viña Eguia

Classic British meals often provide inspiration for us all during a long working week. Sausage and mash or Shepherd’s pie are always popular in my house and I like to pick reds with a little bit of body to match to the gravy in these dishes. Rioja is throwing up plenty of bargains at the moment and none more so than Rioja Reserva Vina Eguia 2005.

During the summer there won’t be a household in the land that won’t take advantage of the long evenings by preparing a salad to enjoy in the garden with a glass of something cold and crisp. Weather permitting I would always recommend a zingy fruit driven New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and surely there are none better than perennial Majestic favourite, The Ned Black Label Sauvignon Blanc 2010.

Cono Sur Gewürztraminer 2010 Bio-Bio Valley  For those people who like to indulge in something a bit spicier during the week like a Thai curry or a simple Stir-fry, I would always lean towards a white bursting with fruit and opulence like Cono Sur Gewürztraminer 2010 from Chile. This is an enticing white wine with hints of lychee, blossom and marzipan.

We love talking about food and wine matching and so the next time you’re in Majestic why not ask us what to match with dinner that night. Alternatively you can always contact us on twitter @majesticstrat and we’d be happy to advise.

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