Manager’s Mixed Case – Gavin, Edinburgh Causewayside

Meet Gavin, Store Manager of our Edinburgh Causewayside store.  Gavin has been manager in Causewayside for just over a year, after a turn leading the team in Stirling.


Like many ‘Old-School’ Majestic sites, our Causewayside store used to be a garage, but few can lay claim to being in a listed, Art-Deco building!  It’s nestled in Edinburgh’s Old Town, not far from the University.  Turn the corner, and you’re in sight of Arthur’s Seat.


Inside, the store boasts a mezzanine tasting room which overlooks the store itself.


It’s a logistical challenge, but with bags of personality.  (Not unlike Gavin)


This summer, you can enjoy a case of wines hand-picked by Gavin.  He’s scoured the range for not just the best deals, but the wines he thinks are something special.  Find them here, and find out more about his choices below.

What do you enjoy most about wine?

What I really enjoy is experiencing the vast array of characteristics which make up the taste and smell of a wine. I still find it fascinating how something made from grapes can taste so fantastically complex, and how a wine evolves with age!

Drink of choice on a hot summer night?

A glass of Louis Roederer NV Champagne would be first on the list, enjoyed with fizz-loving friends of course! If it were a more casual affair, a bottle of Lagunitas IPA would also slip down a treat.

So, what have you picked in your case?

A real smorgasbord of delights are included and are genuinely some of my favourite wines from our range. To get the summer party started I have chosen the Langlois Cremant de Loire from Bollinger no less, a great value alternative to Champagne!

On the white front I’ve chosen a hidden gem within our Spanish section, El Cometa Del sur Blanco (grenache blanc) is a delicate dry wine with loads of peach, apricot and floral notes. Next up it’s everyones favourite Kiwi Sauvignon blanc producer Villa Maria, however their dry riesling is where it’s at, boasting refreshing lemon and lime fruit and is perfect as an aperitif.

Summer is nothing without a good British BBQ which is why I have chosen the following wines: Black Cottage Rosé I have always enjoyed and find it works really well with those BBQ dishes that sit on the sidelines, the grilled fish and salads especially. To match a charred banger, I’d crack open the El Chaparral Grenache, with lots of body and bags of dense blackberry fruit it’s a joyous combo!

Any special treats?

One of my true passions in wine is aged Bordeaux and a special treat it usually is, with one of my recent favourites being the Chateau Malecasse 2003. This classic claret from the Haut-Medoc has it all, brimming with ripe plum and bramble fruit, forest floor and a touch of tobacco. Good Bordeaux Is worth waiting for and at 12 years old this is drinking superbly right now!

What’s your top tip for wine in 2015?

Divert away from the safe options and try something from some of the more unusual wine growing regions and countries. With some incredible wines being made in the Lebanon, Hungary, Canada and beyond, you never know you may just find your new favourite wine!

You can get a case of Gavin’s choices for summer here.

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  1. Hi,I found in your store wines from all over the world. Wines from Moravia, but I did not find in your range. Why? You know this wine? I am from Moravia and work with winemakers who every year get the highest awards at international wine competitions.

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