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Charles @quaffableWe’re excited about sharing wine content from across the web at Majestic Wine, and as it’s Argentinian tasting week I’ve invited Charles, aka Quaffable, to be the first Majestic Wine Guest Blogger. Thanks Charles, and great blog:


Catena Malbec 2008 Mendoza, Argentina

You’ll be familiar with the concept of wine and food pairing. I can’t say I pay much heed to this, mainly because I’m too disorganised to coordinate what’s in the fridge with the wine rack and besides, there aren’t too many wines that say, “drink lightly chilled with a plate of your children’s left over fish fingers”.

All of which runs completely contradictory to my ability to blend wines and foreign films. Just recently I decided to open a bottle of Malbec from Argentina and slap Bombón: El Perro into the DVD player. Thus I had my Argentinean night in.

First the wine, I would buy it for the colour alone. It’s a bright ruby wine that’s the colour of opulence. This is a wine you feel should be drunk from an argentate chalice born of this ‘land of silver’.

This wine is a full bodied fruity number that oozes blackberries. There’s low acidity and smooth mouth filling tannins, but it’s in the finish where you get the surprise. As the fruit recedes the tobacco takes over with an aroma of nutty Cuban cigar. I can see where, despite being asthmatic, Argentinean-born Che GUEVARA developed a taste for such things.

So to the film, at it’s heart, this is a road movie that is centred on the relationship between a man and his dog. The human protagonist, Coco, is an out of work knife craftsman who is down on his luck. After an act of kindness in the film Coco is given an Argentinian Dogo hunting dog called Bombón. Naturally enough Coco doesn’t want to own this huge white canine companion, but as the film story unfolds we see that Bombón becomes Coco’s lucky blessing and, well, you really need to see the film rather than read my spoiler.

This film is awash with incredible cinematography and it will readily transport you to a beguiling Patagonian landscape. There is much depth and complexity to the characters and as such this makes a great pairing with the Catena Malbec. Similarly, in contrast to many Hollywood films and mediocre wines, neither wine nor film are formulaic and both offer a beautiful and unique twist on an established genre.

Don’t worry if you don’t like dogs, it’s more to do with companionship and I can think of no better way to watch it than with a close friend and a bottle of this Malbec wine.

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