New Wine Video Series: Back to Basics

No.1 Swirl and Sniff

This December we’re really excited to launch a new series of wine videos: Back to Basics!

Starting from Thursday 1st December we’re releasing a new video daily. So keep your eyes peeled for an alternative ‘Majestic 12 days of Christmas’ on the Majestic Wine Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

We all love talking about wine and these videos strip back that old stuffy wine knowledge leaving you with top tips and the right answers to those sometimes awkward wine questions.

Whether you’re chatting and drinking wine out with friends, choosing few bottles online, or picking wine for supper tonight, Hannah and John from Majestic Macclesfield and Majestic Aylesbury have you standing in good stead.

Here’s John pinning down his swirl and sniff technique; it’s all in the wrist!


Find all the videos released daily > Majestic Wine 12 days of Christmas: Back to Basics

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