New World Parcel

Over on our main site you can’t help but notice that we’re rather excited about our new world parcel that landed last week. I blogged recently about how powerful our ability to land these kinds of deals is, but this is something else. There are over 50 wines included from South Africa, Australia and the USA. Prices start below £4, and are all significantly below the manufacturer’s suggested selling price.

The volumes vary from a few dozen to thousands of cases, which is a logistical challenge. What we’ve done is to send those wines where we have enough stock to all our stores; these are available to order online. For the other wines, we’ve made sure that each Majestic store has a good range, although this obviously varies. Your local store can give you the details of what they have – it’s well worth paying a visit if you can over the next few days.

We’re also offering five wines as online exclusives, one per day this week. Sorry, yesterday’s offer sold out, but if you’re quick there’s a few cases of Houghton Chardonnay left today, and we’ll have new wines on the homepage at 10am on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. These are being sent to stores specifically to cover online orders, so there’s a few days lead time on them to allow distribution, but they’re all well worth snapping up.

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  1. Given the wacking success of the 10-am deal, I wonder if it might be ripe to experiment with sign-up contingent deals: Offer a great discount if a certain number of people sign up: Say 20% off for 100 cases committed, rising to 50% for 500 cases… or variations on that pattern (I might be under estimating what a meaningful parcel of wine is for a company with £200 million turn over 🙂 )

    Fun for us customers to share in our buyer power and the thrill of the deal, while also allowing you to make great deals for majestic and the vintners and the – without the need to buy ahead of the deal,

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