How to get the most bang for your buck

Finding the sweet spot is all about getting the best bang for your buck at a price point you are comfortable with.

It’s true. Spending a few more pounds can (almost always) dramatically improve the quality of wine in the bottle.

How come?

At lower price points a larger percentage of the cost goes on duty, the glass bottle and the closure – not the wine. But at higher price points, spending a few pounds more actually goes into the liquid in the bottle – exponentially increasing the quality of the wine you’re buying.

But be wary as this is only true to a point. For wines that are hundreds or even thousands of pounds, alot of your money is going into paying for a particular brand or label rather than into the wine itself.

Hence the sweet spot…don’t spend too little, don’t spend to much. Sticking to this rule simple rule is a good place to start when buying wine.

Where your money goes on a bottle of wine:

When you buy a £9.99 75cl bottle of wine, compared to a bottle priced at £4.99, the wine is worth over SIX times more!

Try it for yourself

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*VAT and Duty rates as 04.01.2017, based on wine at 12.5% ABV


2 thoughts on “How to get the most bang for your buck

  1. All that who-ha over wine. A lot of these people are just snobs. I don’t like ANY wine, even Champagne. The looks and comments I’ve had when refusing and opting for a beer or a soft drink. It does not make me ‘common’ or ‘ignorant.’ I just don’t like it – OK. At least I have the ‘bottle’ (LOL) to say what I think and not go along with the flow, just because ‘It’s what one does.’

  2. I quote from your article :-

    “don’t spend to little, don’t spend to much.”

    It’s unbelieveable how many people can’t spell the word ‘too’.

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