On the Mosel River!

By Elliot Leigh, Trainee Manager, Majestic Macclesfield

MoselA short drive away from the eyesore that is Frankfurt, Germany, lie some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world. Last year I made my first visit to Germany’s famous wine regions of the Mosel, Rheingau and Nahe and was deeply impressed by the dynamic landscape, warm people, delicious food and most importantly wonderful, unique wines.

My first visit was to the Rheingau’s Prinz Von Hessen winery. A good tasting featuring a range of their Rieslings from Kabinett (avaliable at Majestic £9.99*) to Auslese (very sweet). Wines from the Rheingau tend to be richer in fruit and with less bite than their more famous neighbour the Mosel and Prinz Von Hessen is a great example of that with peachy stonefruit driven wines that maintain their finesse.

The winery I was most impressed with throughout my journey was definitely the prestigious Dönnhoff. Located in the admittidly less picturesque and more obscure Nahe (prounounced “Na”). A remarkable tasting featuring a dazzling selection of Rieslings. Majestic carries their Riesling Kabinett (£14.99*) which is an absolute gem. A beautiful wine of purity, minerality and elegance layered with honey and pear.

Mosel VineyardsThe highlight for any wine-tourist visiting Germany must be Mosel. Lined with steep, death defying hillsides and stunning villages (including the famous Bernkastel) the Mosel is home to Germany’s most famous wines and for good reason. German wines, often misunderstood, are wonderfully diverse and offer many great discoveries.

*Prices valid until 2nd May 2011

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  1. I was planning to perhaps visit the area of Perl Nennig. Are you not far from that area (just asking because I know that Mosel River goes along Perl Nennig as your location, but of course a river is long so I am not too sure if you are in the same area of the river as Perl Nennig)

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