One of our more interesting everyday wines

It’s one of the minor frustrations in being a wine-seller that sometimes the wines we’re proudest of are the most difficult to sell, either because thay are available only in small quantities, are from lesser-known regions, or perhaps appear esoteric and obscure.  

One such wine that I’ve drunk recently (having returned to it again and again) is Sassaiolo from the Marche region of Italy. It’s a blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes and has a crisp, crunchy fruit character but with plenty of body and tannin to accompany food. Unlike many ‘modern’ wines it hasn’t got the green tannins that signify too much oak, but is rather (should I simply) a good-quality refreshing drink.

Perhaps I am biased. On a trip to the winery a few years ago I remember a fascinating tour of their olive presses, surrounded by local farmers who were pressing their harvests in turn and carting their oil away in great drums. The grassy aroma of the freshly pressed olives was intoxicating. (Perhaps a sign of things to come too was found at the local airport, where all the signs were in Russian and all the clientele rather alarming-looking).

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