Online exclusive parcel: mature Central Otago Pinot Noir

Update: Sorry, this parcel has all gone in double-quick time. Watch this space for further online exclusives in the coming weeks.

We will shortly be sending out an email featuring Black Ridge Pinot Noir 2001 from Central Otago, New Zealand. This deal is so good I thought it worth giving you a tip-off blog post!

This is a special parcel of wine that our New Zealand buyer has snapped up at a bargain price, meaning that we can offer this lovely, mature Pinot from the cool South Island district of Central Otago at £95.88 a case (equivalent to £7.99 per bottle). This is an awful lot less than you’d normally see a wine of this quality from Central Otago selling for – especially given that extra bottle age. If you like new world Pinot, you’ll love this.

Deals like this are one of the things that I think makes Majestic special. We’re big enough to have buying power and be near the top of most supplier’s rolodexes (or Blackberry contact list, the modern equivalent), yet we’re nimble enough to take on smaller quantities of wine that don’t suit supermarkets with their huge logistical operations.

Sometimes when we snap up these parcels they are sent to the stores but never make it on to the website, because the stock is spread too thinly for us to feature it online. In this case we’re turning this on its head, and offering it to our online customers first. If you buy a case, we’ll send it to your local store specially for your order – it might take a few extra days to turn around the delivery, but this is a great opportunity. It’s something I’m keen for us to do more often.

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