Sausage wine

[digg=]”Sausage wine” is a description coined by Tony Mason, Majestic’s Trading Director who retired several years ago. It describes a red wine that is good value rather than expensive, more on the rustic side than fine, but interesting and characterful – in other words, the kind of wine Majestic staff would drink with sausages. I […]

Amazing white Rioja

There is an undoubted trend towards wines with less obvious oak and more aromatic fruit, but I couldn’t resist recommending this.  Rioja is in some respects slightly confusing at the moment, with some producers veering towards a modern, rather ‘international’ style, while others are resolutely traditional. Well, this Marques de Murrieta Blanco Gran Reserva 1998 is certainly in […]

One of our more interesting everyday wines

It’s one of the minor frustrations in being a wine-seller that sometimes the wines we’re proudest of are the most difficult to sell, either because thay are available only in small quantities, are from lesser-known regions, or perhaps appear esoteric and obscure.   One such wine that I’ve drunk recently (having returned to it again and again) is Sassaiolo from the […]