Fun with Google Earth

[digg=]We’ve put together a Google Earth file with the locations of Bordeaux’s leading properties (plus some of our favourite smaller châteaux), so you can get a bird’s eye view of this fascinating region. If you’ve got Google Earth installed on your computer, just download the KML file and enjoy. If you don’t have Google Earth […]

Hidden Gems

It seems a little strange to follow Richard’s post on the extraordinary world of Bordeaux wines and their associated pomp and ceremony with a thought on slightly more ‘everyday’ wines, but I guess that, eventually, will be my point. The great thing about taking care (and seeking good advice) when buying wine is that you can […]

Interesting conversation

An article by Victoria Moore in last Saturday’s Guardian newspaper has sparked an interesting conversation on Tom Cannavan’s popular Wine Pages forum surrounding returns of faulty bottles, particularly in the fine wine sector. It centres on whether we, as a retailer, should be held responsible for faulty bottles of fine wine, bought and then stored […]