Perfect for the hot weather and al fresco dining: Sancerre

When the sun shines longer than one weekend we advise you to make the most of al fresco dining and crack open some great wine. Sancerre fits perfectly. Here are some of our favourites you need to enjoy this summer.

Sancerre Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Paul Cherrier et Fils
You crumble the ever so slightly gooey goats cheese on top of your fresh watercress and crisp radish salad.

Sancerre Rosé Domaine des Clairneaux, Jean-Marie Berthier
Spoon a dollop of coarse salty tapenade on a piece of crusty French bread. You brush away the loose crumbs from your lap onto the patio.

Sancerre, Château de Sancerre
You sit in the warm breezy shade under your parasol and watch the shadows on the freshly cut lawn get longer and longer into the balmy evening.

Sancerre Cuvée Edmond, Alphonse Mellot
The smell of sweet spatchcock chicken wafts from the charcoal barbecue embers from your garden party and mingles with the citronella candle.

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