Picnic Party Pack

Maypole dancing, candy floss, village fayres, school fetes, cricket on the green. Here is the Majestic Picnic Party Pack, full of ideas, co-created by my close friend Paddy aka. Tiger Woods from Majestic Chislehurst @majesticchs and myself.

Thing to consider at your picnic…

1.  Make sure you have a corkscrew! Don’t ask a stranger. Strangerdanger.

2.  Or just take screwcap wines. Twist anti-clockwise. Use two hands.

3.  Get the temperature right – white, rose or sparkling need to be chilled beforehand.

4.  Use a fridge or a bucket of ice. Don’t use liquid nitrogen.

5.  Glassware is important. It can be glass or plastic.

6.  Large organised picnics in your garden can be complimented by free Majestic glass loan.

TOP TIP: Pre butter your sandwich bread before you leave your house. (Margarine optional).

PICNIC FACT: Isambard Kingdom Brunel was the fist British man to picnic in Bristol circa 19th century.

TOP TIP: trifle is the ultimate picnic dessert. If you have no spoons or bowls, use jaffa cakes as cutlery.

PICNIC FACT: Ally McCoist eats a six pack of Scotch eggs everyday.

TOP TIP: leave the avocado stones in your guacamole dip and it won’t go brown.

What are your picnic tips? Where’s the best place you’ve ever had a picnic? Add them in the comments below or tweet me @majesticwine

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