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We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with Dogs for the Disabled, our registered Charity of the Year, so we’re putting in a big push with lots of activity at Majestic HQ to help raise as much money as we can.

Dogs aren’t just Man’s best friend, they have a profound impact on our lives. If the millions of Dog owners in the world weren’t enough evidence, research has shown that a close relationship with a dog can help improve physical health, reduce stress, and develop self-esteem. They can help us socialise, and can improve a child’s concentration, so you can imagine how a well trained Dog can have an incredibly positive effect when partnered with a disabled person or child.

It’s time for an update on our three pups, Sherry, Shiraz and Bosco, who are growing up fast!

Date of birth 4.12.2013


Sherry is now 11 months old, which makes her officially a teenager! Her socialiser Chris has plenty of good things to say about her and she is enjoying life in Chipping Norton. Sherry has also represented the charity at various events that have been taking place in her area. Chris and Sherry were invited to the BBC Radio Oxford Kat Orman Show where Chris was interviewed about life as a puppy socialiser. Sherry behaved beautifully, demonstrating that she has learned the command “settle”. All that was heard from her was a few gentle murmurs and a little bone chewing!

Very soon, Sherry will make a trip to the Frances Hay Centre for her kennel break. This will give her a taste of kennel life and will let the staff observe her with other dogs in a different environment. The puppy coordinators will work one on one with the dogs to test their obedience and training and to see how they are progressing in their socialisation. It also prepares Chris for the final goodbye – it’s never an easy time and always very emotional.

Date of birth 4.12.2013



Shiraz is living in Leighton Buzzard with her socialiser Alison, who has been working hard with Shiraz during the last few months and reports that her socialisation is right on target. It’s very important that she experiences a wide variety of real-life situations; Shiraz has been to visit department stores, busy environments with lots of lights and sudden noises so that she can get used to the unexpected.

Shiraz had an amazing holiday with Alison and her family in the Isle of Wight. Shiraz loved the ferry and was incredibly well behaved, making friends with other dogs travelling on the ferry. She loved the sea and had huge fun jumping in and out of the waves with her friend Lottie, a whippet of fourteen months. Her behaviour in the local restaurants at lunchtime and in the evening was impeccable, attracting lots of comments about how well behaved she was for a dog so young.

Alison says Shiraz is lovely to have in their home, she’s great company and really easy to look after. Like Sherry, soon she’ll make a trip to the Frances Hay Centre to see how well she progressing.

Date of birth 3.11.2013

Bosco 11 mths Oct 14

Bosco is now a year old, and enjoying a full, varied life with Judith his socialiser in Birmingham. Judith reports that he is a well behaved, fun dog who is friends with everyone including her seven year old pet Labrador, her one year old grandson and even the postman!

Judith has been making sure that he has been out in as many real-life situations as possible so that when he is matched with a person with disabilities, he will be entirely comfortable in as many environments as possible. Judith has been taking him to the Kennel Club Good Citizens series of training where he has been doing very well, passing his Puppy, Bronze and Silver on the first attempt. Next step, Gold!

Bosco will remain with Judith for the last few months of his socialisation. Saying goodbye will not be easy for either of them but Judith’s work and care has given Bosco the best possible start on his journey towards the ultimate goal of creating a magical partnership which will one day help an adult or child with disabilities to live life more independently.

Bosco Oct 14

You can help us raise money for Dogs for the Disabled by making a donation in store at the tills – just speak to our teams for more details, and you can find more about how dogs can change lives here.

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