Robert Parker on 2007 (and 2005)

The wait is over for Bordeaux’s proprietors as Robert Parker releases his assessment of the 2007 vintage. There are no real surprises, with Parker summing up the vintage as “an improved, modern-day version of 1997” and echoing our own comments about the importance of terroir and investment in the vineyard:

There are certainly plenty of green, thin, herbal, herbaceous wines that lack mid-palates as well as fat, but the top terroirs, the finest addresses, and the most committed châteaux owners, by doing extensive work in the vineyard, and taking advantage of the Indian summer, have produced endearingly fruity, soft, silky-textured clarets that are filled with charm and purity. The top wines possess no vegetal aspects.

The comparison with 1997 is interesting, because this was famously a vintage which stimulated little interest en primeur, but when the wines hit the retail shelves (in our case, boxes) ended up being an extremely popular vintage due to its softness and approachability. Indeed, Parker notes that “most consumers will probably love the style of the vintage’s top wines because they are so flattering, seductive, and fruit-forward.”

At the same time as revealing his verdict on 2007, Parker has also released revised notes for the fabulous 2005 vintage – “the greatest vintage produced during my 30-year career”. They are apparently even better now they have been bottled than they were from cask – having been priveliged to taste the 2005s en primeur this is quite a claim.

If you’re waiting for 2005s purchased en primeur we’ll be contacting you in the next week or two to arrange delivery. If you missed out on 2005 here’s one final chance – we have a few left at opening prices including Lascombes which at £425 a case garners a massive 95 points!

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