Santa Rita Wine Workshop

Hello Majestic people! I was meant to pop this up last week, some photos from an afternoon wine tasting I went to a couple of weeks ago. When I say wine tasting, it was actually more of a workshop with a bit of wine tasting on the side to keep the balance of learning and tasting.

Wine journalists and bloggers are are often invited along to tasting events held by wine producers to taste their latest wines, but Santa Rita is doing something a little bit different. This was a Santa Rita workshop featuring their own wines plus other South American producers. It was also the first kind of ‘wine workshop’ I had been to and it really gave an insight into the emerging wine trends in Chile and Argentina, as well as learning a few niche facts from some in depth case studies.

Peter Richards and Tim Atkin chaired the morning and afternoon sessions with talks and debates from a number of winemakers and journalists.

After all the talking and debating there was a good range of wines on show for tasting and to have with lunch. A few are stocked at Majestic. Can you see which ones…?

The day really opened my eyes to learning more about South American wines. Even though I am already a massive Argentina Malbec fan, I have made a note to self to try more Chilean wines this year. So just like our ‘Come and Explore’ tagline, I’ll be exploring more of what South America has to offer. You can see our range of Chilean wines here and Argentinian here. Enjoy!

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