Sauvignon Blanc, but not as you know it

You know your favourite Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh, lively, grassy, passion fruit – all the usual characteristics of your preferred Kiwi, Chilean or French Sauvignon. We think it’s time for you to change. Did you know about these, and why they’re a little bit different…?

This is a picture of the bright Reuilly neighbourhood in Paris that colourfully introduces the first wine…

Reuilly Cuvée Nathalie, Nathalie Lafond
This is a great little go to wine if you like Sancerre but don’t want to splash out quite as much. Reuilly is just next door to Sancerre in the Loire valley in France and you get equally good quality from this wine as you would from a more expensive Sancerre. Look out for Reuilly on restaurant menus too.

Cloudy Bay Te Koko, Marlborough
An iconic wine from New Zealand’s most iconic winery. Atypical for Kiwi Sauvignon, the Te Koko is fermented using indigenous ‘wild’ yeasts, and subjected to batonnage as it ages in oak. Released as a three year old wine, this is unlike anything else from New Zealand! Give it a go.

Sancerre Cuvée Edmond, Alphonse Mellot
The Edmond Vintage is produced from old La Moussière vines between 40 and 87 years old and follows biodynamic principles. The wine is aged on fine lees for 10-14 months giving it an unusual but welcome creamy texture along with the great acidity Sauvignon always gives. A must try treat for Sauvignon fans!

Remember, Sauvignon Blanc and other wines are always open to try at your local Majestic. What was the best Sauvignon you tried recently?

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