6 Reasons Why You Should Love Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular wine grapes at Majestic. Familiarity breeds contempt though, right? In honour of #SauvBlanc Day on the 24th of April, we decided to revisit our biggest sellers from our cellars and remember why we love it!

1. It’s a world-wide phenomenon

Sauvignon Blanc is grown all over the world, from the Loire and Bordeaux in France, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand.


2. Sauvignon comes in many styles

From steely dry and flinty in the Loire, a bracing tropical-fruit laden delight in New Zealand to the zesty and fresh South African wines. Try the Sauvignons from La Grille (Loire), Rustenberg (South Africa) and The Ned (New Zealand) and see which style you like best.


3. It’s refreshing by nature

Sauvignon is naturally high in acidity and ripens early, so it’s easy to make it full of flavour and keep it super-fresh.

4. It’s Food-Friendly

Amazing with chevré, brilliant with sushi, and cracking with seafood.


5. You don’t need to wait to enjoy Sauvignon

It tastes best when it’s young, so you don’t need patience, just chill it down and pop it open whenever you need refreshing.

6. …But not always

There are one or two really special styles which can stand the test of time, like Cloudy Bay’s Te Koko. Ask our teams in store and they’ll tell you all the secrets.

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