Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Week

This week at Majestic we’re celebrating all things Sauvignon Blanc. We’ve put together a special selection of wines to help you explore Sauvignon Blanc in all its forms from around the world, and have a host of top Sauvignon on offer now.

Marlborough Sauvignon reigns as one of our most popular wine styles at Majestic but this famous grape variety is grown all over the world. We’ve chosen 12 of our favourites for you to compare and enjoy this season. Discover sparkling Sauvignon, or compare the famous wines of the Loire with wines from South Africa, South America and New Zealand.

All this week we’ll have a range of Sauvignons from around the world open for you to taste and compare for free at your local store. Pop in for a taste at your convenience, or give your local store a call to reserve a spot on a tutored tasting on Saturday 22 September.

As this tasting week conincides with the launch of our bright new blog, simply add a comment below this blog post for a chance to WIN a selection of delicious Sauvignons from around the world. Easy! What’s your favourite Sauvignon?

104 thoughts on “Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Week

  1. Favourite Sauvignon… hmmm, probably Didier Dagueneau’s Silex. But in the real cash-strapped world, it’s be François Cotat’s Monts Damnés Sancerre.

  2. Thanks to Majestic I found Villa Maria Sauvignon – but will head off down to the Stockport store to discover more and maybe find a new favourite.

  3. I think Brancott Estate is still our favourite but recently had a bottle of Giesen which was very similar. Just love the New Zealand flavours but going to try the French SBs very soon!

  4. Even if I win the lottery, I shall still be buying the Brancott and Villa Maria Sauvignon Blancs. Fat chance. But maybe I’ll win this instead!

  5. Good to see so many comments. Ned black label is mine and my friends favourite but I will try some of your new NZ Sauvignon Blanc selection now.

  6. Excellent selection – the Giesen is terrific value for money – also the Sancere takes some beating – perfect timing for the offers.

  7. Always enjoy Ned black label and like Sancerre for summer drinking.
    Looking forward to the new Ludlow store opening so we dont have to drive to Stourbridge to sample Majestic tastings.

  8. Have to concur that the Ned is great value, but as to my favourite? I think I need to win the case and then I’ll have a better idea! 😉 But New Zealand is my country of choice for this grape.

  9. Different SBs for different foods and weather, I think … some of the Saint Clair ones have had an almost asparagus-like nose, and I do agree that The Ned is excellent value (particularly on offer), as is Lindauer’s sparkling version. I always enjoy Palliser Estate too, but shouldn’t forget France: I agree with Derek Bryan that some of the St Bris SB’s are lovely. And if you want something fresh to match lighter seafood, then a Touraine SB is hard to beat, with a nice line in minerality but also a fresher, fruit-forward mouthfeel …

  10. It might just be the way I was brought up (in NZ) but it has to be Marlborough for me, nothing else has enough fruit. Oyster Bay has long been the default option but there are so many great ones. Villa Maria Reserve is my choice when splashing out a few more quid. Problem is it tastes best sitting in the garden in the sun, so it’ll be a few months before I’m drinking much!

  11. Our wine appreciation group go for The Ned as do myself & my wife – we can’t afford Cloudy Bay but would love to be able to afford to.

  12. I’m an usually underwhelmed by NZ Sauv Blanc. It simply doesn’t have the right flavour or depth for my palette, especially at the “premium” the winemakers seem to want to charge for it. Ned’s is acceptable price/value point, but I’d still be far more interested in the development of Pinot Gris and Rieslings from the NZ area.
    As for Sauv Blanc itself, the Loire is a far better exponent of subtly flavoured and good value wine *
    (* other opinons are available)

  13. for us, a nicely chilled KiwiSavBlanc perfectly encapsulates everything…perfect.
    best enjoyed in the sun!! even better with mates around the table!
    if i had to choose – Villa Maria Reserva 2010

  14. Majestic leads the way with it’s selection of great Sauvignon. My favourites were Villa Maria and Sancerre but have now discovered Waimea as recommended at the Shrewsbury outlet – it tastes great and is real value for money.

  15. Not a big NZ SB fan myself, the Esprit Soleil (Pays d’Oc) is amazingly good for the price – currently £4.99 ea if you buy 2, and the Paul Mas SB (also Pays d’Oc) is delicious, as are most of his other varietals. Try a mixed case!

  16. The Ned’s a cracker for the price, but nothing’s a patch on Saint Clair Pioneer Block 21 for sheer zestiness and Ladoucette Pouilly Fumé for a touch of sophisticated class. All 3 also make a great comparison!

  17. Nothing like a bit of bribery to make me post. I will be hot footing it to my local Bearwood branch at the weekend, where I will be in safe hands. With so much choice how can I have a favourite? I may choose Cloudy Bay or Villa Maria. Keen to try Waimea…likely to get the lot-roll on the weekend. Blancety Blanc!

  18. So to be more precise – its Te Kairanga from Martinborough, North Island that gets my vote. Having experienced Giesen (School Road) found it was sharp to taste as were their on site sales people (we came away without buying anything there – very inhospitable), it comes under the global Marlborough umbrella. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Amersham branch does have a Martinborough SB, so I may give it a whirl soon.

  19. It’s got to be Waimea from NZ. I used to buy Ned, which is great – then switched to this as it’s much nicer. To be fair though I like many a NZ Sauvaignon – what’s not to like??!

  20. My favourite white wines are those of New Zealand (Sauvignon Blanc ) I like the fuller flavoured styles which do not lose their appeal even with the spiciest of foods. As Majestic wines have only recently ‘arrived ‘ in Cornwall ,I guess I am going to have a drive over to Falmouth to have a good look !

  21. Agree with Villa Maria Reserve and also The Ned, but plenty of excellent drinking at really good value elsewhere too, particularly the Marlborough region. Gone are the days wwhen it was Oyster Bay or nothing!

  22. The Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Marlborough region of New Zealand are my favourite and now surpass, I think, the traditional Sauvignons from the Loire.

  23. I have just moved house and although its all very chaotic just now, I look forward to a nice glass of wine in the evening. I also like the New Zealand wines and prefer them not too sweet. It would be good to have a new selection on wines in my home so fingers crossed I am lucky.

  24. I’ve only just seen this post but I have to agree with many others, the ned can’t be beaten for everyday value & villa Maria for something with friends!

  25. Is Sauvignon Blanc best drunk soon after purchase ? My daughter gets married in May next year and with some storming offers on at the moment I wondered if it is too early to be purchasing it ?
    Can anyone help please ?
    Cheers !

    1. Hi Martin, yes I would say it is absolutely fine. The wines we are selling now will just be about the same vintage we are selling in May. Generally you drink Kiwi sauvignon straight away, it’s not a wine that needs any aging. Will

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