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Sunday broadsheet The Observer is cutting back on its coverage of wine, with wine trade publication Harpers reporting that yesterday’s column was the last full-length piece from Tim Atkin MW.

Tim has written for The Observer since 1993, and although he will continue to write for the paper’s Food Monthly supplement, the decision has caused waves of disappointment among wine-loving readers not to mention the wine trade as a whole, following as it does cutbacks in wine coverage in other broadsheet titles.

But now the power of the internet is being harnessed to try and save Tim’s column. Freelance journalist Rebecca Gibb has started a Facebook group whose aim is to send a message to newspaper editors that wine coverage is a valuable and important part of their lifestyle coverage:

There are more people drinking wine than ever before yet there are fewer column inches. How does that equate? If Rage Against the Machine can make it to Christmas number one with a facebook campaign, then we can make a stand against the loss of wine coverage in our national newspapers. Come on people!

Impartial, informed and genuinely useful coverage of wine in columns such as Tim’s have been a huge factor in the democratisation of wine over recent decades. To show your support for preserving the wine columns in the national press, join the Facebook group here.

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