Say Hello To Sherry, Shiraz and Bosco: Our 3 Labrador Puppies

Our very special sponsored pups are just embarking on their exciting journey to become assistance dogs for our Charity of the Year 2014, Dogs For The Disabled.

Sherry and Shiraz are sisters and were born at the end of last year. Bosco was born in November so is a little older.

All of the Dogs for the Disabled pups spend their first year with volunteer puppy socialisers. They take them out and about on regular local walks so they become familiar with walking on a lead, and get used to their immediate environment. Gradually the distance, duration and variety of these walks will increase.

They will visit shops, retail parks, schools, libraries and busy town centres, travel on buses and trains to get them used to as many different experiences as possible. Perhaps a little trip in to their local Majestic is on the cards too!

All puppy socialisers give their pups endless time, love and attention, ensuring that they have the best possible start towards becoming a fully trained assistance dog.

We’ll keep you up to date on their progress and post regular photos on all our social media pages which you can find on the right hand of the page here.

ps. if you would like to help Majestic raise money for Dogs for the Disabled there are collection tins by the tills in all our stores, and you can donate online on the special justgiving page.

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