Sports Day Party Pack

Egg and spoon race, croquet, three legged race, leaping around, bare foot running, jumping around in a sack, pitcher of Pimms, crisps. Here is the Majestic Sports Day Party Pack, full of sporty ideas, co-created by Rich aka. Andy Murray and myself.

Things to consider at your Sports Day Party…

1. You don’t have to be sporty to take part. Anyone can be a wheelbarrow or referee.

2. Trainers or barefoot. Flippers prohibited.

3. Socks and grass don’t mix. You’ll look like a Granddad and will have green stains.

4. Refreshments are important. Pre-mix and chill Pimms, infused with tiny bits of fruit and herbs. No carrots.

5. Remember, sports day is only weather permitting. Monopoly is not a sport.

6. Don’t invite Mark Lawrenson. He despises sport, fun and winners.

TOP TIP: Hard boil your eggs so you can re-use them in egg and spoon races. They hurt more when you have an egg fight too.

SPORTS DAY FACT: Gary Linekar enters 5 sports day parents races in Leicester every July. He is yet to win.

TOP TIP: start three legged race from your outside left foot and say to yourself… ‘I can win’.

SPORTS DAY FACT: Croquet was first played in London by Charles Dickens during summer breaks writing Oliver Twist.

TOP TIP: there is a prize for the winner. Convince everyone it’s the taking part that counts. Then beat them.

What are your sports day tips? Where’s the best place you’ve ever had a sports day party? Add them in the comments below or tweet me @majesticwine

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