Spring is here!

Well, perhaps not in terms of weather, but certainly in terms of Majestic’s promotions! We’ve just loaded all of our new offers on to the website.

Majestic’s Spring price listThe new list (which is available for download) will be mailed out later this week and should arrive with customers by the weekend. It includes deals such as 20% off the South of France, 20% off South Africa, 20% off Argentina, 20% off Portugal and up to 50% off Champagne. Among the other highlights are deals from Spain, Australia and the Loire.

We also have a range of deals from New Zealand, including a great offers on Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Hot on the heels of the new list will come our week-long South of France tasting; it’s a little closer to the mailing of the list than usual, so time to get it in the diary now! Call in to any Majestic store between 8th and 14th February for a free tasting of a range of southern French wines.

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