St Clair Pinot Noir: The red solution

What to drink in-between seasons? Anna in Chiswick finds the right balance…

So with a distinct turn in the weather comes that sway away from the winter warming reds to those lighter wines for brighter days. However if you love your reds, as I do, sometimes you’re just not ready to part with them for the chilled down whites. But worry not, there is an answer, and it comes in the form of St Clair Pinot Noir.

Produced by the Ibbotson family in Marlborough, New Zealand, the Pinot Noir grape makes use of those long sunny hours producing a barrage of mouth watering fruits such as cherry, plums and red currants. With soft mellow tannins and refreshing acidity this is a well balanced approachable red. A refreshing change for heavy red wine lovers and light enough for those who would normally shy away from reds altogether.

Perfect for those spring days whilst your whites wait for the summer sun.

Hooray for Pinot Noir! Thanks Anna. Say hello to Anna on twitter @majesticchswick

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