St George’s Day – From an Englishman

Eddy is a Trainee Manager in Edinburgh Comiston Road, and as an Englishman abroad, he has some thoughts about how to spend St. George’s Day.

I’m sure everyone is mightily excited that St. Georges Day is coming up this week. Some may find it surprising having grown up in England and latterly moving up to Scotland for University, St George’s Day has rarely featured on my agenda other than seeing the occasional flag or news story.

It does seem fairly strange to me how uncelebrated my home nations patron saint day is compared to The other UK nations offerings. I am sure I am not completely representative of the whole of England’s populus but it’s fairly safe to say it isn’t as celebrated as, for example, St. Patricks day. However, where there is a will there is a way. We all love any excuse to celebrate. The street parties that sprung up all over the UK for the Royal wedding are testimony to that. So I say whatever your nationality it’s time to celebrate St. George’s day. A party is a party, no matter how deserved your invite is.

For me it is incredibly fulfilling to celebrate all the different days that pop up. When you enjoy a glass of wine, it can be incredibly fun to use each ‘celebration’ to taste and explore that little bit more! Malbec World Day, Australia Day and St George’s day all must be respected and celebrated with an appropriate bottle of vino… Out of respect of course.

We have a really interesting selection of wines from England at the moment, with Chapel Down heading the list, especially for still wines. Here are a few ideas for your St George’s Day Feast:

The Aperitif:

Start your celebrations in style with one of our awesome English Sparklers. The terroir and growing temperatures are very comparable to that of Champagne. The results are too. Quality is on the up and the prices, despite how trendy they have become, are still very reasonable.


I recommend the Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009 to kick things off; If you want to see what English Sparklers can do this is the place to start. Emphatic. A classic Champagne blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. This has incredible balance. Citrus fruit and brioche dominate the nose. The mousse is mouth filling and persistent and shows incredible poise for the price-point. A really top grade sparkler.


Smoked Salmon canapes, friends and fizz. What better way to kick off any party?

The Main Course:

Then We’ll move on to the main course. We cracked open the Chapel Down Chardonnay on our Tasting Counter at Edinburgh Comiston Road. This would be a perfect accompaniment to any seafood dishes. It is a brilliantly light, unoaked Chardonnay, displaying crisp English apples, lime and apricot notes. The texture is very refined and despite high acidity it is very well rounded. I recommend trying this with any simple fish dishes. Baked Sea Bass, or Orkney Scallops would partner this beautifully. Less hassle too if catering for numbers. Keep it simple!

The Alternative:

If you need anything other than wines then we also have some great English beers. The Iron Maiden Trooper is an awesome Golden Ale that would be brilliant with a ‘Proper British Pie’! Citric hop notes with a great depth and smoothness. This is a Great product by Robinson’s brewery. A must try for any Ale lovers.

So, this year, lets grab a glass and say cheers for St George’s day. I’ve never tried a Bacchus (English dry white wine) and until today I hadn’t tried an English still wine. There is a lot of effort and investment flooding into English winemaking. So it is only right to raise our glass and try something new on St. George’s Day.

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