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With the summer months upon us, Jamie at Majestic Enfield puts some charm back into Rosé

Côtes de Provence Sainte Victoire 2010 Famille Negrel  Another underrated top summer refresher which is often overlooked is rosé. Arriving at a friend’s BBQ on Friday brandishing a fine bottle of the aforementioned certainly proved that it is still viewed with distrust by some. A couple of the blokes seemed to be uneasy around a pink bottle of wine and some of the lady folk talked of upsetting encounters with sweet Zinfandels in the past. This initial scepticism was laid to rest by the icy bottle of Sainte Victoire 2010 though. Its light, soft strawberry flavours and zippy acidity forcing the dubious to think again.

This is another category that has suffered in the reputation stakes over the years but of late has been making a well deserved comeback. The various medium sweet styles that flooded the market back in the 70s put the wind up many punters in search of a refreshing dry wine and the basic limitations of the wine itself may have led to a certain snobbery against it. Much like Beaujolais though the majority of rosés are designed for early drinking and as a style it does not try and compete with the finer white wines of the world.

For me a pale, light and zippy rosé from Sancerre or Provence really does the business on a hot summer’s afternoon. Served properly cold as an aperitif or alongside a light lunch they make for an excellent lunchtime restorative.

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