Summer Press Tasting

This post comes direct from the heart of London’s theatreland, where today we’ve been holding our Summer Press Tasting. It’s a great opportunity for us to select the best of our new arrivals, new vintages and old favourites and put them to the test with a number of the UK’s top wine writers and journalists.

It also requires the Majestic team to taste their way through all 130 or so wines prior to the first guest’s arrival at 9am, which is pretty challenging in itself – although it has to be said the palate feels remarkably fresh at the start of the day, even if the head doesn’t afterwards.

There are a number of notable stand-outs in the tasting, particularly the range of Bordeaux wines for the Summer, including a couple of exceptional ‘second-label’ wines from Chateau Siaurac (Plaisir de Siaurac 2006) and Chateau Belgrave (Diane de Belgrave 2005). Also tasting very good were some new arrivals into our Chilean range, with the Matetic EQ wines continuing to impress and the new Errazuriz ‘Le Cumbre’ Shiraz tasting not unlike the top-end Penfolds wines of South Australia at around half the price. Obviously with so many wines on show it’s impossible to name-check everything, but it’s worth knowing that our Italian, Southern French and New Zealand whites were also tasting particularly good.

I suppose the important thing is that we really do like to put these wines under the microscope, unveiling them to some of the most discerning and influential palates in the UK trade. It’s reassuring for our customers to know that we take care, and pride, in our range and we welcome all thoughts and comments, positive or otherwise.

Likewise, we welcome your comments on any wines you’ve bought from us, or elsewhere, that you considered to be particularly good (or bad!) value. Like most of you, we love reading about wine, talking about wine, and drinking wine – so feel free to share your opinions with us. 

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