How to get the most bang for your buck

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How to get the most bang for your buck

Don’t spend too little, don’t spend too much.

Sticking to this simple rule is a great place to start when buying wine. We’d say don’t spend less than £6, but don’t spend much more than £15. Think of it as the Sweet Spot.

There’s only 45p worth of wine in a £5 bottle

In a £5 bottle of wine, most of your money goes on things you can’t taste – the glass bottle, the cork and tax. Once you’ve paid for all of those, there’s only about 45p left to spend on wine.

Spend £10 and you get £2.80

When you spend more than £5, the extra money you spend goes straight into the wine. You get SIX TIMES more when you spend £10.

Above £15 and your money goes into branding and marketing – things you can’t taste

You can get great wines for more than £15 but there’s a higher chance that your money is paying for things like branding and advertising.

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*VAT and Duty rates as 04.01.2017, based on wine at 12.5% ABV


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