Tasting fatigue

An oddity of the wine trade is the annual migration of the Burgundy winemaking fraternity to London for tastings of their most recent releases. The keen taster could go to several events every day and sample almost every vineyard site in the region, probably from several growers.

Jancis Robinson took a measured view of the vintage in her Financial Times column this week. We did a lot of tasting too, and will offer wines from our favourite growers in due course. For me though the over-riding sensation was palate fatigue (fortunately it’s not me that makes the purchasing decisions). Perhaps it’s age, or lack of practice these days, but after 50 wines in a session I was done. I have to say long tastings like this really are hard work.

1 thought on “Tasting fatigue

  1. Jeremy, I’m sorry to hear to you are suffering frpm “palette fatigue”. What you need is a good walking break in Pembrokeshire where you can enjoy a combination of liver fatigue and foot fatigue!

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