The Award Winning Wine Course

Our free introduction to wine, The Wine Course, has now been officially recognised by industry experts and won Innovation of the Year at this year’s Drinks Retailing Awards. What’s most pleasing about winning this prestigious award is that it recognises the achievements of every team at our 152 stores for running The Wine Course with enthusiasm, passion and with bags of personality.

My first experience of The Wine Course was when I covered the presentation of a course on behalf of our Brighton Store Manager last May. It immediately struck me that what makes it quite so special is how much fun everyone has – both our guests and the store team who presents the courses.

Several courses later I can fondly look back to moments that never fail to make me chuckle at each event. In my time working for Majestic I’ve done a lot of studying on the topic of wine and I can’t remember a single day in which I’ve laughed so much as when running a two hour Wine Course.

One of these moments is concerning tasting the level of sweetness in a wine, Sweetness is sometimes tricky taste to detect in wine (you feel it as a sensation on the tip of your tongue). I find that the easiest way to isolate sweetness is to stick the tip of your tongue into the wine. Fair enough you say, each to their own, but I can assure you that this isn’t so easy when using our tapered, professional wine tasting glasses. So, I wouldn’t recommend trying this exercise at your next dinner party but I certainly find that when our small group of 8 to 10 guests tries it out the atmosphere quickly becomes even more relaxed, fun and informal!

No matter how late a night I have and how long a drive it is to the course I’m helping out with I always leave having thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I also leave every course with a thoroughly smug feeling; that I can’t believe quite how many talented, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff Majestic are lucky to have. If we didn’t have such an array of talent an innovation such as The Wine Course would simply not be possible. So my thanks go to everyone involved in making The Wine Course as success at Majestic and to all our attendees, both of whom make every event such a special one.

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Matt Philpott, Marketing Manager

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