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Mark Twain once wrote:

“Fortune knocks at every man’s door once in a life, but in a good many cases the man is in a neighbouring saloon and does not hear her”

Luckily for me, when fortune came knocking, the neighbouring saloon had closed for the day, so I was able to answer and reap the rewards!  On that particular day, Lady Luck was feeling generous; a two week trip to Australia had my name on it.

Now this wasn’t a complete gift out the blue, I had a few weeks previously entered an online competition to win a trip going round wineries in Australia.  To enter, I had the simple task of ‘tweeting’ about an Australian wine I had tried recently.  Once I had entered the competition, I duly put it to the back of my mind, and didn’t give it another thought.  It’s the sort of thing that you are never quite sure if the people that win these competitions actually exist, or if the likes of Emily from Exeter, or Brian from Bognor are simply a figment of someone’s imagination.  Well, I can assure you that Becky from Herts is alive and kicking, and will be getting on a flight on Friday morning to the other side of the world!

Courtesy of James Busby Travel, I will be joining the tour group as their official blogger and social media correspondent.  The company was set up in 2010 by Master of Wine Tim Wildman, it provides wine professionals with bespoke educational tours around Australia’s premium wine regions.  Visiting more than 30 wineries during the two week tour, I’ll be writing a blog on a daily basis, which I’ll also be posting on the Majestic blog too, so should you wish, you can follow me on my travels right here!  The wine that inspired my winning tweet was Paulett’s Riesling.  Happily I shall be visiting the Paulett’s winery during my travels. I’m already looking forward to drinking this superb wine in its place of origin – Polish Hill River, a sub region of Clare Valley.  Its slate soils contribute to the balance and overall tight knit focus of the wine.  It is deliciously dry, with mouth watering citrus notes and a streak of elegant minerality.

Upon breaking the good news about this trip to my parents, after a little reflection they both had some advice for me.  My Dad’s advice was simple yet practical: ‘make sure you take a wide brimmed hat!’ – clearly fearing for my delicate English rose-like complexion!  Mum’s advice was a little less practical but well meaning nonetheless: ‘make sure you come home at the end of the trip!’  I fear she thinks I’ll be wooed by something or more pertinently, someone over there!  I tried to placate her concerns – after this big a dose of good luck, I don’t think fortune will be knocking at my door again any time soon, and if it does, I will no doubt be at that neighbouring saloon!

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